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5 ways to make bank on Flash games

June 21, 2010 1 Discussions, Reviews

This is a quick run-down on the status of the financial options that are available to independent developers who don’t have massive marketing budgets or corporate support. Please post a comment below and let us know how your experience has been with these options (or others I’ve missed). Flattr The latest option is a general-purpose… Read More »

Is content still king? @UntoldEnt

March 30, 2010 3 Discussions

Ultimately, content is a banana and we’re all a bunch of monkeys :: photo by hvhe1 :: Some loud dude (Ryan Creighton of Untold Entertainment fame) recently posted this article, claiming that content is actually “peasant” (rather vehemently) and that meta-aggregators (he simply calls them aggregators of aggregators) and advertisers are the ones at the… Read More »